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​​​Mental health problems affect people of all ages,educational and income levels and cultures

Did you know?

​Of mental health problems begin in childhood and adolecense

Teens have a hard time speaking about their mental wellbeing because of the labels that have been placed on mental health problems due to stigma.

Stigma is the negative atitudes, beliefs and labels that make the public fear, avoid and discriminate against people with mental health problems. Therefore mental health stigma is an obstacle to increasing awareness and ensuring people get the help they need.

1 in 5

will expirience a mental health problem in their lifetime


of people will expirence an anxiety disorder

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Mental Health Wellness        Ideas
  •  Exercise- Doing some sort of physical exercise can improve your mental health wellbeing it can also reduce stress and depression 
  • learn about relaxation techniques and mindfulness. There are many great apps for mindfulness on the app store
  • Find someone you trust and talk about your concerns (ie. Parent, Teacher, School Counselor or a friend)

There are so many ways that you can help yourself deal with your Mental Health. It could be something as simple as exercising or eating right. 

​Everyones different so try different things, find things that you love and make you feel good